Congratulations on being a Certified FIVE STAR EMPLOYER!

You can proceed to our payment processing here.

We use a third-party payment processor – Paypal – and for your privacy, do not retain or receive any credit card information. 


You can request, for an additional fee, more store decals and/or car and truck decals, or framed certifications. Please contact to learn more.


In making your payment to the FIVE STAR EMPLOYER certification board you are agreeing to use the FIVE STAR EMPLOYER logo in the manner described below.

Use of Five Star Employer Trademark and Logo

As a recognized Certified FIVE STAR EMPLOYER you have the right to use the Logo in the following manner as long as your certification is active.

      1. You can not assign your usage of the Five Star Employer logo to any other party.
      2. You can not make any changes in the size, shape, and color of the Logo without prior written permission.
      3. The Logo can only be used by businesses and locations that have been certified Five Star Employers.


The Five Star Employer logo is a registered United States trademark and cannot be used in any way without the written permission of the FIVE STAR EMPLOYER certification board. 


Your payment for the FIVE STAR EMPLOYER Certification also implicitly acknowledges that FIVE STAR EMPLOYER can use your company logo on our website. Our use of your logo is to create a resource list of certified companies and in no way designates us as a partner or supplier to your company. If you wish to revoke this permission please contact us at