What can I do with the FIVE STAR EMPLOYER Certified designation once I am certified?

Share it with the world! It will matter to your employees and customers that you have achieved this level of success. Once you are officially certified, you can use the FIVE STAR EMPLOYER Certified logo in your store locations, social media,

website, and other digital representation. One of the most powerful things about being certified is that you can harness the power of recognition for the benefit of your business. It will increase your reputation and employee loyalty, separating you from the competition, and helping you attract the best employees.  

What does it cost? 

It costs nothing to apply. If you are certified it is $1500. The reward for this recognition is priceless. As you work through the application process, you’ll get tremendous insights into your business and employee relationships. You’ll also learn about which areas need improvement and how to make your workplace even better.


How long is the certification good for, and what about renewal?

Your certification is good for 12 months, at which point

 you’ll need to apply for renewal. The renewal process is shorter and faster than the initial certification, but as with the first time, you’ll learn a ton during the application process by asking your employees to provide their opinions and ideas for making your culture the best it can be.

What do FIVE STAR EMPLOYERS get once they are certified?

Certified companies receive a “marketing kit” which contains:

    • Access to download a high resolution FIVE STAR EMPLOYER Certified logo for use in digital and social channels including on your website.
    • An official certificate from FIVE STAR EMPLOYER that you have met the qualifications for certification from the FIVE STAR EMPLOYER Certification Board. We recommend that you post this in a very visible place where employees and customers can see it.
    • Clear “door decals” with the FIVE STAR EMPLOYER Certified logo for your retail locations showcasing your new status (Car or truck decals available for additional cost.)
    • Marketing ideas to help you make the most of your certification achievement.
    • A short press release template that describes your certification, and what it means to your company and team, to use on your company’s website, social media or other communications channels. 
    • An invitation to our FIVE STAR Certified Employers Only forum on LinkedIn so you can network and share best practices with other top companies.

Who do I contact if I have a question about the application?

If you have any questions please email certification@fivestaremployer.com.


What if I have multiple locations, can I get all of them FIVE STAR EMPLOYER Certified at the same time?

Yes. With multiple locations, you should make it clear in your application that your people and culture policies apply to all stores or locations where you do business. We will dive further into confirming that via the Interview stage of the application process.


What if I am a franchisee, do I need permission from the franchising organization/headquarters to apply for FIVE STAR EMPLOYER Certification?

You do not need permission to apply but it is recommended that you share your interest in obtaining FIVE STAR EMPLOYER Certified status so that your fellow franchisees can also work to achieve it as well. 

 Should I involve employees in the application process?

Absolutely! This is one of the most important parts of the process. By having your employees participate in the application process you are giving them the opportunity to help make the workplace better which in turn drives employee engagement and loyalty. It serves as a recognition of the importance you place on employee involvement and feedback. And once you get Certified, you should recognize the role your employees played in the process and celebrate the achievement with them. 


What happens if my application is not approved?

You can re-apply 12 months later. Please check out our resources page that has recommended content and coaches to work with in order to improve your people policies and culture. We also have some suggestions for ways to create a best-in-class culture, such as involving employees in developing new initiatives or surveying them to find out what they prioritize in choosing an employer. We want to help you improve so that the next time you apply, you can accomplish your goal.