What Makes a Five Star Employer? How Do They Attract & Retain All-Star Employees?

The following are many of the traits Five Star Employers have in common, but by no means all
of them. If your organization is “Five Star” for reasons not listed here, feel free to include them on
your application.

Referrals: Over 35% of our employees have come from referrals.

Low Turnover:  Our turnover rate is 20% or more lower than the industry average.

Hiring: We make it hard to get a job with our organization, and all manger involved in the hiring process have had interview training. We have learned to fail fast.

Employee Commitment: All of our employees know what it takes to succeed in their job and are rewarded accordingly.

Employee Compensations and Benefits: We pay above industry standards and provide above-industry benefits.

Continuous Training: We offer continual training and cross-training at all levels of our organization.

Boomerang Employees: We have many employees who have left us and come back.

Promote From Within: We always look to promote from within before looking outside to fill a position.

Vision and mission statement: We have a clear visions and mission statements, and every employee knows what it is. 

Safety is #1. We enforce that everyone’s safety is everyone’s  #1 concern. If it is not safe, we don’t do it. 

Recognition is King: We recognize that employees are our most important assets and look for innovative ways to reward and recognize them.

Accountability: We hold managers and employees accountable for their actions no matter what their position. 

Employee Investment: We make a significant ongoing investment in all our employees, regardless of their position.

Employee respect: We give our employees respect by making the time to listen, taking what they say seriously, and implementing their ideas whenever possible.

Diversity: We value and promote diversity, inclusion, and belonging.

Family-Friendly: We recognize that employees have outside obligations to family life and well-being and strive to create a work environment that supports these needs.

Community Involvement: We are committed to being a socially responsible organization and giving back to our local community.

Fun/Celebrative: We are always looking for ways to make work fun and reasons to celebrate.

Open door policy: We are always seeking ways to encourage openness and transparency with all employees in our organization.

High Expectation: We expect a great deal from our employees and work hard to give them the tools and training they need to achieve these expectations.

Top Management: We have an outstanding management team that lives both the company vision and mission statement.

Open communications: We are always asking how to do things better, listening to what employees say, learning, and then acting. 

Dynamic Minded; We strive to be a creative, innovative, and flexible organization.